Then there was a bustle, and a rough order in the distance. A corridor formed itself and two men strode through, electric whips in careless readiness. Upon each purple blouse was designed an angular shaft of lightning with a splitting planet underneath. A dark giant, in lieutenant's uniform, followed them; dark of skin, and hair, and scowl. The dark man spoke with the dangerous softness that meant he had little need of shouting to enforce his whims.
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"Maybe you just took it for spite, kind of," I said hopefully. "Maybe I ought to slap your face. " She killed her cigarette in Morny's copper goldfish bowl, speared the crushed stub absently with the letter opener and dropped it into the wastebasket. "Passing on from that to perhaps more important matters," I said, "will you give him a divorce?" "For twenty-five grand," she said, not looking at me, "I should be glad to.

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